Evidence about the ‘how’ of a shift away from ‘ability grouping’ in education


In the report Ending streaming in Aotearoa the Ngāi Tahu-led Māori Futures Collective, Tokona Te Raki, with the support of 72 Iwi, is calling for urgent action on the policy imperative to end streaming and ‘ability’ grouping in education in Aotearoa.

NZEI Te Riu Roa has endorsed the report and called for urgency, seeking support and resource for national change.

Since 2003, a series of best evidence resources has highlighted evidence about the gains for diverse (all) learners when effective research and development informs mixed ‘ability’ grouping.

Read 'Walking the talk':

Invited paper for the International Bureau of Education - UNESCO Project: Rethinking and repositioning curriculum in the 21st century: A global paradigm shift. Evidence, Data and Knowledge, Ministry of Education, Wellington: New Zealand.

These resources include best evidence in action videos featuring the multi-award-winning Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities pedagogy - a re/invention of educational practice led by Professor Roberta Hunter and Associate Professor Jodie Hunter in New Zealand. As the videos take you into primary and intermediate classes across Aotearoa, they explain, reference, and bring the evidence to life through the perspectives of the experts, the in-class mentors, school leaders, teachers, whānau, iwi, school trustees, teacher aides and children.


View the Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities Best evidence features:

Ambitious mathematics for young Pacific learners: Dr Jodie Hunter demonstrates algebraic thinking for tivaevae

    01. The Launch

    02. Group Work

    03. Sharing Back

    04. The Connect

These resources have also been developed through a valued partnership with NZEI Te Riu Roa.

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Read Associate Professor Jodie Hunter’s and Professor Roberta Hunter’s article on enhancing learning and relationships between students, families and teachers using on-line collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic:

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