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  • Destinations and employment outcomes of young, international graduates

    This series of factsheets and associated data tables provide information on outcomes for young, international students who complete a qualification at a government-funded tertiary education provider in New Zealand. They look at how many of these graduates do further study, return overseas, or stay and work in New Zealand. The employment factsheet also looks at how much the latter earn.

    These factsheets complement a similar series of factsheets on post-study earnings and destinations of young, domestic graduates, and update some of the information in the Moving Places report which was published in February 2017.

    Author(s): Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis, Ministry of Education

    Date Published: December 2017

  • Moving places: Destinations and earnings of international graduates

    International students play an important role in New Zealand through the contribution they make to New Zealand’s economy, the diversity they bring to New Zealand and its education system, and the lifetime links that are created between their country and New Zealand.

    In this report, we look at what international graduates do and earn after they complete their tertiary education studies in the New Zealand tertiary education system.  We look at results for all graduates who have ever been international students and who have studied at a government-funded provider.  The report uses similar methodology to the recent series of fact sheets on Post-study earnings and destinations of young, domestic graduates.  We find that outcomes vary depending on the qualification level and field of study that a student has completed their qualification in, and also differ to those for young, domestic graduates.

    Author(s): Zaneta Park, Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis, Ministry of Education

    Date Published: February 2017

  • Measuring New Zealand students' international capabilities: An exploratory study

    This exploratory study considers the feasibility of measuring New Zealand senior secondary (Years 12/13) students' "international capabilities". Building on background work undertaken by the Ministry's International Division, the methodology had three components. Analysis of New Zealand and international literature pertinent to assessment of international capabilities was undertaken. Small-group workshops were conducted with 13 secondary school staff, 21 senior secondary students, and 10 professionals with relevant expertise and perspectives about expression of international capabilities in post-school life. The third component was a visit to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to discuss similar assessment challenges in their work.

    Author(s): Rachel Bolstad, Rosemary Hipkins and Liesje Stevens, New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

    Date Published: July 2014

  • International capabilities: A summary report for schools

    This a summary report for schools, drawn from research and analysis by the Ministry of Education and an explorative study completed by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research into international capabilities for students in New Zealand schools.

    Author(s): International Division, Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: July 2014

  • The satisfaction of international students in New Zealand universities and ITPs

    The Ministry of Education and Education New Zealand contracted the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) to survey international students at New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) and universities in 2011.

    This report presents the findings from further-in-depth analysis of the 2011 i-graduate survey dataset. It provides the results from the 2011 i-graduate surveys in greater detail than previous reporting, in particular, the results by nationality, and provides information on what influences international student satisfaction.

    Author(s): Amapola Generosa, Wilma Molano, Fiona Stokes, Hillmarē Schulze, Business and Economic Research Limited.

    Date Published: February 2013

  • Prospect for International Student Enrolments in New Zealand: Profiles of 13 Source Countries

    This report attempts to identify the most likely prospects for increasing international student enrolments in New Zealand, based on a concise and consistent methodology for assessing potential demand from source countries. The collated comparisons are intended to assist future planning for promotional campaigns.

    Author(s): International Division

    Date Published: September 2011

  • Evaluation of Teacher Professional Development Languages (TPDL):

    For teachers of languages in years 7-10 and the impact on language learning opportunities and outcomes for students

    This study was carried out during 2008 and aims to inform the Ministry about the TPDL and the impact on language learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

    Author(s): Sharon Harvey, Clare Conway, Heather Richards & Annelies Roskvist, AUT University

    Date Published: December 2009

  • New Zealand Alumni Survey: Experiences, Attitudes and Engagement

    This publication is an independent survey to advise how international alumni can help New Zealand tertiary institutions develop and raise their profiles internationally. It identifies the overall attitudes, preferences and expectations of New Zealand alumni residing overseas and levels of support necessary for future activities.

    Author(s): The Illuminate Consulting Group

    Date Published: October 2009

    Released on Education Counts: 23 October 2009

  • Review of the International Student Levy

    This publication is an independent review of the International Student Levy (ISL or the Levy) which currently applies to primary and secondary state and state-integrated schools that receive tuition fees from international-fee paying students studying in New Zealand.

    Author(s): Price Waterhouse Coopers

    Date Published: July 2008

  • The Economic Impact of Export Education

    This publication/resource contains material which was developed with funding from the Export Education levy and managed by Education New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry of Education (© Crown).

    Author(s): Commissioned by Education New Zealand and Ministry of Education and prepared by Infometrics, NRB and Skinnerstrategic

    Date Published: 30 June 2008

  • The experiences of international students in New Zealand: Report on the results of the national survey 2007

    The research builds on the previous survey of international students conducted in 2003 and provides the opportunity to understand international students’ experience of life in New Zealand.

    Author(s): Researched for the Ministry of Education by Deloitte

    Date Published: May 2008

  • Research project on international student exchanges: Sending our students overseas (2008)

    This research reports on the uptake of study abroad opportunities by New Zealand tertiary students. The research was undertaken by Victoria University on contract to the Ministry of Education. The report provides key reasons for low uptake of study abroad by New Zealand students; proposes a number of factors which students and institutions could consider to increase the attractiveness of exchange programmes; and includes downloadable Guidelines for New Zealand tertiary education institutions to help promote and support international student exchange opportunities for New Zealand students.

    Author(s): Stephanie Doyle, Phil Gendall, Carolyn Tait, Luanna Meyer, Janet Hoek, Lynanne McKenzie, & Avatar Loorparg. Jessie Hetherington Centre for Educational Research, Victoria University of Wellington, in collaboration with the Department of Marketing, Massey University.

    Date Published: March 2008

  • International Students Trends Reports

    Reports published by the Ministry of Education on the key trends in enrolments of foreign fee paying students in New Zealand

    Author(s): International Division

    Date Published: Various

  • Quarterly Migration Reports

    Published quarterly, this series of reports gives an update of actual external migration statistics for children based on data provided by Statistics New Zealand. The reports comment on the emerging trends in migration and the potential impact on schools.

    Author(s): Education Information and Analysis, Ministry of Education

    Date Published: Quarterly

  • Report on Research into the Circumstances of Very Young International Students in NZ

    This report on research into the circumstances of very young international students informed policy work in 2003 resulting in stronger protections for international students aged 13 and under studying in New Zealand. A downloadable Word version of the report is available at the bottom of this page.

    Author(s): International Division

    Date Published: 27 July 2006

  • Export Education in New Zealand: A Strategic Approach to Developing the Sector - An Overview

    This overview provides a summary of the key points contained in the Ministry of Education's report 'Export Education in New Zealand: A Strategic Approach to Developing the Sector. The report is the result of research, analysis, and consultation with the sector. It examines the challenges facing New Zealand’s export education sector, and identifies initiatives that will support its sustainable development.

    Author(s): International Division

    Date Published: 28 June 2006

  • Evaluation Report on the Implementation of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (2002/03)

    In June 2002 the Ministry of Education contracted Assoc. Professor Roger Peddie, University of Auckland (through Auckland UniServices Ltd), to undertake an evaluation of the implementation of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

    Author(s): International Division

    Date Published: 27 June 2006

  • Internationalisation in New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisations

    This publication is a national trend study of developments in the internationalisation of New Zealand tertiary education organisations since 1998.

    Author(s): Craig McInnis, Roger Peacock and Vince Catherwood

    Date Published: May 2006

  • The economic impact of foreign fee -paying students

    The Ministry of Education commissioned Infometrics to calculate the total economic value-added, and estimated employment, from the New Zealand international education sector for the 2004 calendar year. This calculation was partly based on information from the Export Education Levy, and survey data from the New Zealand University Students' Association. The key findings are that the total contribution of the sector to GDP was $2.21 billion in 2004, and a total of up to 40,101 jobs were supported based on this value-added contribution.

    Author(s): Infometrics Limited, for the Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: February 2006

  • Review of the Export Education Levy: A report prepared for the Ministry of Education

    This review follows a statutory requirement for the New Zealand Parliament to be advised as to the operation, administration and effectiveness of the Export Education Levy.

    Author(s): Deloitte New Zealand

    Date Published: February 2006

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