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This is the main page for vendors of student management systems (SMS) with regard to school roll returns, that is, the collection of student data from schools.

Last Updated: November 2014


This page is specifically developed for the vendors of student management systems and focuses on school roll returns. Information on this page is often technical in nature. Code sets made available here are specifically for vendors. These code sets may be pre-release versions and should not be used by schools until they are formally released as they will provide invalid results. Schools looking for current information on roll returns should use the following link: Collection Forms

Please consider the environment before printing the contents of this report. Please refer to the 'Downloads/Links' inset box, (top right) for links to related information that may be of interest. Please consider the environment before printing.

Roll Return and e-Returns Specification Manual (Version 21.2)

The manual provides the roll return specifications for Student Management Systems (SMS) in schools. Please see the section on Key Changes (pages 6 and 7) which outlines the changes to the most recent roll return specifications.

YearVersion Roll Return Specification Manual DownloadsFile Type & Size
2015Version 21.2pdf-icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2015 Version 21.2[PDF 2.5MB]
2014Version 20.2pdf-icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2014 Version 20.2 [PDF 2.2MB]
2013Version 19.2pdf-icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2013 Version 19.2[PDF 3.8MB]
2012Version 18.3pdf-icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2012 Version 18.3 [PDF 2.8MB]
2011Version 17.3pdf-icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2011 Version 17.3 [PDF 1.9MB]
2010Version 16.0ZIP icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2010 Version 16.0 [MS Word Zip 904KB]
2009Version 15.2ZIP icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2009 Version 15.2 [MS Word Zip 904KB]
2008Version 14.3Microsoft Word Icon Roll Return Specification Manual 2008 Version 14.3 [MS Word 4.21MB]

Version e-Return SMS Design Specification DownloadFile Type & Size
Version 5.0pdf-icon SMS Project: e-Return SMS Design Specification 5.0 [PDF 303KB]


Test Scripts and Test Plan for 2015 Roll Return and Audit Requirements

Download: 2015 Test Scripts and Test PlanFile Type & Size
 ZIP icon 2015 Test Scripts and Test Plan [Zip File 1.1MB]

Application Forms for Data Sharing

Download: 2015 Instructions and Application Forms
File Type & Size
2015 Instructions
 Microsoft Word Icon  2015 Application Information for Roll Return Testing
[MS Word 41KB]
2015 Company Application Form
 Microsoft Word Icon  2015 Data Sharing Approval - Company
[MS Word 36KB]
2015 Individual Application Form
 Microsoft Word Icon  2015 Data Sharing Approval - Individual
[MS Word 36KB]

Country of Citizenship Codes

Download: 2015 Citizenship Codes File Type & Size
  Microsoft Excel Icon  2015 Country of Citizenship Codes [MS Excel 41KB]

Iwi Codes

Download: 2015 Iwi Codes File Type & Size
  Microsoft Excel Icon  2015 Iwi Codes [MS Excel 35KB]

Language Codes

Download: 2015 Language Codes File Type & Size
  Microsoft Excel Icon  Language Codes [MS Excel 23KB]

Subject Codes

Download: 2015 Subject Codes File Type & Size
  pdf-icon  Subject Codes [PDF 32KB]
  Microsoft Word Icon  Subject Codes [MS Word 81KB]

Secondary Tertiary Programmes

Download: 2015 Secondary Tertiary Programme CodesFile Type & Size
 Microsoft Excel Icon  Secondary Tertiary Programme Codes [MS Excel 12KB]

Current Directory of Educational Institutions

Current addresses and other descriptive details of all New Zealand Educational Institutions, from schools through to tertiary education providers.

School Name and Number Codes

A list of School Names and School Number Codes are provided for those schools completing the "Previous School" question in Roll Returns.

This downloadable Excel file consists of two worksheets. Please read the information in the "Read this first" worksheet.

Download: 2015 School Name and Number Codes File Size & Type
  Microsoft Excel Icon  School Name and Number Codes
[MS Excel 932KB]

Downloads / Links

To access the directories of schools and tertiary institutions please visit:

Indicator Icon  NZ Educational Institutions

Indicator Icon  Collection Forms

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