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A range of guidelines have been developed to assist with the coding of various data collections.


Accurate coding of data collections is vital to ensure high quality usable data. A range of guidelines to assist the coding of data collections have been produced. The following guidelines have been produced:

Ethnic Group Prioritisation

The Ethnic Group Codes includes a section on how to convert multiple ethnic groups into a single ethnic group (prioritisation).

Reducing Iwi Coding Problems

Analysis of Iwi data in previous education collections has identified some areas where Iwi names may have been incorrectly coded. The aim of this sheet is to reduce the number of coding errors by highlighting the problem areas, and providing the recommended code to use.

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   pdf-icon  Reducing Iwi Coding Problems (2005) Guidelines[PDF 148KB]
   Microsoft Word Icon  Reducing Iwi Coding Problems (2005) Guidelines[MS Word 112KB]

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