Funding to Schools

The Ministry provides funding for schools by way of operational funding, salary funding for teachers, and property funding.

Operational funding is the financial resources received by Boards of Trustees from the Government for running the day to day operations of schools. Salary funding is defined as gross salaries paid by the government to teachers employed in schools. Property funding is the funding spent on maintaining and expanding school property.

The time series summary on rolls which is used in the calculation of funding to schools is also available. They are based on July roll return for primary schooling years (years 1 to 8) and March roll return for secondary schooling years (years 9 to 13 plus).

The spreadsheets below contain the time series (2006-2019) on funding provided to schools and funded places.

Teacher Salaries Funding to SchoolsUpdated: Jul-2020

Salary funding for a school includes teachers who also work in other schools, such as Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), and teachers in units attached to the school, such as Teen Parent Units and Activity Centres.

Operational Funding to SchoolsUpdated: Jul-2020

Operational funding is defined as the financial resources received by Boards of Trustees from the government for running the day to day operations of schools.

Capital Expenditure on School PropertyUpdated: Jul-2020

Direct property funding to schools, includes only property funding assigned and transferred to individual schools. The data in this spreadsheet represents capital expenditure on school property in a given calendar year. It includes funds that were spent either directly by the school or by the Ministry, noting that the funds may have approved in that or in prior years, and may be part of projects that extend over multiple years. The spending of funds on property projects in a calendar year does not match the annual appropriations. For example, some school managed projects are not initiated and spend committed until several years after the annual Budget/appropriation process. The data excludes spending by the Ministry on new schools built under public-private partnerships.

Funded PlacesUpdated: Jul-2020

March roll returns are used for secondary years of schooling (years 9 to 15). July roll returns are used for primary years of schooling ( years 1 to 8).

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