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This is a series of short, easy to read papers, which look across the range of New Zealand education system evidence. They provide interesting and useful insights and highlight latest findings, new analysis or ways of looking at issues. They will provoke further thought and discussion on key issues such as; student progression and attainment, the factors that support learning and patterns and trends across education.

The series will be useful to policy analysts, people working in the programme and intervention area or frontline educators interested in knowing a little more about education evidence and data and how to use that in their work.

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  • He Whakaaro: What do we know about discrimination in schools?

    This report presents a summary of current knowledge regarding discrimination of students in New Zealand schools. It combines previously published research with new analysis undertaken using data from the Youth2000 series of surveys of secondary school students. We find evidence that students are discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, migrant status, religion, sexual or gender identity, disability or health status, and weight. We quantify the extent to which these different groups are subject to negative experiences on the basis of their identity, from both other students and from adults.

    Author(s): Andrew Webber and Alexandra McGregor, Education Data and Knowledge, Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: September 2019

  • He Whakaaro: What developmental resources do our pre-schoolers have approaching the transition to school?

    These insights help us understand how children are tracking for further learning and development at school and they indicate some possible areas of concern.

    Author(s): Steve Thomas, Kane Meissel (University of Auckland) and Professor Stuart McNaughton, (Chief Education Scientific Advisor) for the Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: July 2019

  • He Whakaaro: How environmentally aware are New Zealand students?

    This He Whakaaro | Education Insight paper uses data from the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to examine the awareness of a range of environmental issues in New Zealand English-medium secondary students and how this has changed in the last decade

    Author(s): Ministry of Education

    Date Published: March 2019

  • He Whakaaro: What can the NMSSA tell us about student progress and achievement?

    This He Whakaaro | Education Insight paper highlights findings across the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) from the first cycle of the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA).

    Author(s): Ministry of Education

    Date Published: December 2018

  • He Whakaaro: A summary of the Teacher Demand and Supply Planning Tool

    This He Whakaaro | Education Insight paper introduces the Ministry’s new Teacher Demand and Supply Planning Tool and its initial results. The tool is designed to estimate the number of teachers required by schools in the future, and compare this with an estimate of how many teachers are expected to be employed by schools in future under current policy settings. It informs us how well the need for teachers in the future will be met, in terms of having either too few or too many teachers, if there are no changes to our current policies and school hiring practices.

    Author(s): Ministry of Education

    Date Published: October 2018

  • He Whakaaro: Understanding student progress and achievement

    This He Whakaaro | Education Insight paper describes why it is important for educators to understand and respond to both progress and achievement to enable children to maximise their potential. It summarises results from a new research dataset compiled by the Ministry of Education to illustrate the different insights that can be gained when looking at achievement relative to progress.

    Author(s): Ministry of Education

    Date Published: May 2018