Annual ECE Census Summary Report 2008

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This report summarises the results from the July 2008 annual census of children and staff at licensed and/or chartered early childhood education (ECE) services and licence-exempt ECE groups. It includes statistics indicating the number of services, number of children enrolled, hours of attendance, the language of communication used by teaching staff, and statistics on staffing.

Author(s): Data Management and Analysis, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: January 2009


Highlights 2008


Key Highlights
As at 1 July 2008:
  • There were 4,649 early childhood education services, an increase of 3.8% (170) from 1 July 2007.
  • There were 3,881 licensed and/or chartered services, an increase of 3.5% (131) from 1 July 2007.
  • There were 768 licence-exempt ECE groups, an increase of 5.3% (39) from 1 July 2007.
  • The number of early childhood education services has increased by 6.3% (275) since 2004. This includes 307 more licensed and/or chartered services and 32 less licence-exempt groups.
  • Of the 3,880 (excluding Correspondence School) licensed and/or chartered early childhood education services, 63.7% (2,471) are community based.  The remaining 36.3% (1,409) are privately owned services.
  • Of the 2,083 education and care services (including casual-education and care), which account for 53.7% of all licensed services as at 1 July 2008, 40.0%  (833) are community based and 60.0% (1,250) are privately owned.  Education and care services tend to offer all-day, flexible hour programmes that require little parental involvement.  These services have shown the most increase in numbers since 1990.
  • There were 198,784 enrolments in early childhood education.
  • There were 176,993 enrolments in licensed early childhood education services, an increase of 8.5% (13,908) since 2004.
  • Of the 97,756 enrolments in education and care services, 39.6% (38,676) were in community-based services and 60.4% (59,080) were in privately owned services.

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