TIMSS 2006/07: Released test booklets and companion scoring guides

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These documents are the four released test booklets and companion scoring guides from TIMSS 06/07.

Author(s): IEA

Date Published: June 2009

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These booklets are available as downloads (please refer to the 'Downloads' inset box).  Please Note: The booklets are only available as Adobe PDF files due to formatting constraints.  For links to related publications/ information that may be of interest please refer to the 'Where to Find Out More' inset box.


After every cycle of TIMSS, a selection of mathematics and science questions are released to the public for their use and information, while some test questions are kept to help measure trends from one cycle to the next. These four booklets, booklets 1 to 4 are some of the booklets that were used for assessing New Zealand students.

The companion documents contain the guide used to code each of the questions along with the percentage of students who correctly answered from English-speaking and high-performing countries.


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Booklets are available to download (please refer to the 'Downloads/Links' box on the right). Please note that these booklets are only available as Adobe PDF files due to formatting constraints. 

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