Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi

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Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi is a framework to support sustainable Māori medium education, recognising the diversity region by region, iwi by iwi. The Minister of Education introduced Te Rāngai Kahui Ako ā-Iwi on 10 March 2017 at the National Cross Sector Forum in Auckland.

Author(s): Ministry of Education.

Date Published: March 2017


Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi has two key components:

  • The Framework, which is based on analysis of areas where Māori medium education is thriving; and,
  • Regional System Data and Analysis, which uses benchmarked data to provide information about Māori medium education by region.

Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi acknowledges that, as kaitiaki of te reo ā-Iwi, iwi are critical links to enhancing whānau success in education. Te Rāngai Kāhui Ako ā-Iwi is designed primarily for iwi to work with whānau, communities, education providers and Kāhui Ako to collectively support children and young people to learn in high-quality, authentic Māori medium education settings.

The Ministry, as stewards of the education system, will support and work with iwi to develop regional action plans to lift retention and increase learner success within a Māori medium education pathway.


Māori language in education, bilingual and immersion provision emerged in its current form in the 1980s. It was led by the establishment of kōhanga reo, followed by kura, wharekura and then wānanga.

Māori language in education pathways were driven by iwi and Māori who identified an urgent need to revitalise and strengthen Māori language and to preserve Māori culture and knowledge. It was also a direct response to the education system's failure to provide education that delivered for Māori learners.

Māori language in education, and in particular Māori medium education, is now an established part of Aotearoa New Zealand's education system.

While most Māori learners are within English medium education settings, Māori medium education increases the ability of the education system to deliver for and with Māori learners, their families, whānau and iwi.

Māori language in education provision consists of two distinct streams – Māori medium education and Māori language in English medium education. Each stream is likely to deliver different language outcomes for children and young people. Many learners transition in and out of these pathways throughout their education journey. In terms of definitions:

  • Māori medium education refers to kōhanga reo and puna reo (early learning), kura (primary education) and wharekura (secondary education) where curriculum is delivered in and through te reo Māori over 51% of the time. This includes both levels 1 and 2 Māori language immersion levels.
  • Māori language in English medium education is where students are learning te reo Māori as a subject, or taught curriculum subjects in te reo Māori for up to 50% of the time (Māori language immersion levels 3-5).

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