School ICT Infrastructure Survey

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The School ICT Infrastructure Survey provides information about the current state of ICT infrastructure in New Zealand schools, how they are currently using technology and what they would find valuable in terms of content and services to enhance teaching and learning.

Author(s): Schools Infrastructure Group, Ultra-fast Broadband in Schools, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: April 2013

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The Government's intention is to provide schools with affordable, modern and safe learning environments that support 21st century education and improve outcomes for young people.

The results of this survey can be used by schools to compare and benchmark their own ICT situation with that of similar schools.

The survey shows that existing school infrastructure is in a relatively good state with more than half of schools surveyed having a server that was less than five years old and most schools having some type of wireless system.  Indications are that while most schools are already embracing digital learning they are keen to upgrade their internal networks through the School Network Upgrade Project to ensure service quality is retained as technology demands increase.

The survey was completed by 600 schools and the sample provides a good example of the overall school sector.

Figure 1: Profile of School Respondents
School Size Bands Schools in Survey All Schools
Very Small (<100) 23%  (139) 29%  (732)
Small (100-199) 18%  (105) 21%  (540)
Medium (200-499) 33%  (199) 33%  (832)
Large (500-899) 15%  (89) 12%  (300)
Very Large (900-1499)   8%  (45)   3%  (87)
Extra Large 1500+   4%  (23)   2%  (44)

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