Growing independence: Technical Report
Competent Learners at 14

Publication Details

This technical report has been written to stand alongside the fourth report on the Competent Children, Competent Learners study at 14, Growing Independence (Wylie & Hipkins, 2006). The report tells the story carried in the data, and this technical report provides the basis of the story: it describes the methodology used to analyse the data (and the software used to do so), and provides more detail of the results (more numbers to ponder over).

Author(s): Edith Hodgen, Hilary Ferral and Rachel Dingle, New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Date Published: 2006

Executive Summary

The actual report probably includes less detail than previous reports in the series, allowing the story to be told more clearly and with fewer interruptions.

The ordering of the material in the two reports reflects their two different functions. In the report, Growing Independence, the findings are ordered according to the story. In this technical report, the findings are ordered according to the research questions as they were originally stated, as that is the order of our investigations, and so best tells the story of what we did and why (rather than that of what we found).

The report is designed to be dipped into for particular areas of interest, or to be read from cover to cover, as a "jolly good read". The technical report is designed to be consulted for deeper information about one or two aspects of the research. It has been written to be as internally consistent as possible, which does not make at all for a "jolly good read"—rather a jolly boring one. However, the design makes it possible to read a page or two of a chapter without missing out on anything that was said once earlier and then never repeated.

In the technical report we cover first the development of the scale variables, and history and cluster variables that were fundamental to all the analyses. Next we cover the types of analysis carried out, and then give the detailed results for each of the research questions in turn. We do not give details for all the cross-tabulations and chi-square tests. We give results for the linear (in the most general sense) models fitted.

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