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The Pasifika Education Research Toolkit is a resource for Pasifika researchers and those researching in Pasifika education contexts. It aims to assist these researchers by providing short descriptions of current research and information about Pasifika learners, and other information and services to support Pasifika research. The toolkit also contains links to web sites where key information is located. The toolkit complements the Ministry report Pasifika Education Research Guidelines released in 2002.

Author(s): Pasifika Education Research Team

Date Published: 2003



The Pasifika Education Research Toolkit is a resource for researchers who are undertaking, or intending to undertake, education research with a Pasifika focus or with Pasifika participants.

The toolkit is an introduction to accessing information that is publicly available and of relevance to researchers working in the area of Pasifika education - particularly information that is available on the Internet. It is not a detailed `how to' guide to doing Pasifika research, but it will guide you to sources of information and support.

The first section sets the education context of Pasifika peoples, particularly the work of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other education agencies as it relates to Pasifika peoples. It also includes a summary of recent research on Pasifika education that can be obtained from the MOE.

The second section focuses on the support that is available for Pasifika education researchers, including sources of research funding, how to tender for MOE research, scholarship opportunities, organisations that undertake and support Pasifika research, research guidelines, and other useful links for Pasifika researchers.

This web-based resource has been produced by the MOE's Pasifika Education Research Team.

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