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As part of a common focus on teaching quality, the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Teachers Council wanted to find out more about the quality of Māori-medium and general stream early childhood, primary and secondary initial teacher education in New Zealand, and the quality of graduates from these programmes. A number of pieces of research into initial teacher education were undertaken in 2004 and 2005 to inform future policy and practice.

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  • Initial Teacher Education Outcomes: Standards for Graduating Teachers

    Initial Teacher Education Outcomes focuses on expectations for what initial teacher education graduates need to be able to do on entry into the profession and the resources they need to be able to draw on. The paper outlines the role and nature of standards in the current international context, provides a critique of current approaches and considers how standards for New Zealand graduates might be most effectively designed to support effective teaching.

    The Teaching for Better Learning Model proposes inquiry-oriented standards. These standards foreground and are structured around inquiries that inform decision-making about learning priorities, teaching strategies, classroom practice and student outcomes drawing on the resources of knowledge, competencies, dispositions, ethical principles and commitment to social justice. Inquiry-oriented standards emphasise the context-dependent nature of effective teaching and the centrality of ongoing professional learning in developing professionals who are adaptive experts. A further element of the model, inquiry into the education system, requires that teachers as professionals engage with concerns about improving the system in which their work is set.

    Author(s): Graeme Aitken, Claire Sinnema and Frauke Meyer, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland.

    Date Published: May 2013

  • Learning to practise

    Learning to Practise articulates an image of the teaching professional as adaptive expert for whom promoting the engagement, learning and well-being of all learners is at the heart of their professional identity The paper exemplifies five learning principles underpinning the design of initial teacher experiences that support the development of adaptive expertise. A model for an initial teacher education curriculum organised around core practices is presented and some considerations for teacher education expertise discussed.

    This paper concludes with a discussion of the implications for initial teacher education.

    Author(s): Helen Timperley, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland.

    Date Published: May 2013

  • Initial Teacher Education: A summary of four studies

    Until the 1990s, New Zealand teachers completed their initial teacher education in one of a small number of specialist colleges of education. The deregulation of teacher education, the introduction of a competitive market, and changes in funding policies in the 1990s saw significant growth in the number of new providers and qualifications. By 2005, there were 27 providers offering 85 different qualifications.

    Author(s): Janet Rivers, New Zealand Teachers Council.

    Date Published: January 2006

  • Initial Teacher Education: Policy and practice

    The purpose of this study was to generate a systematic description of policy and practice across qualifications of initial teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand. The study was conducted in two phases.

    Author(s): Ruth G Kane, College of Education, Massey University.

    Date Published: January 2005

  • Initial Teacher Education: Research on Initial Teacher Education in New Zealand 1993-2004

    Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

    The primary purpose of this project is to analyse New Zealand research about initial teacher education, and present findings in the form of an annotated bibliography and a literature review of initial teacher education in New Zealand from 1993 to the present. It is intended that the findings will inform future policy and practice and identify key areas for further research.

    Author(s): Marie Cameron and Robyn Baker, New Zealand Council for Educational Research. Report prepared for the Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: January 2004