Tertiary Education Strategy 2007-2012: A framework for monitoring

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Monitoring of the Tertiary Education Strategy will provide ongoing, timely information to help make sense of the extent to which the intended changes are happening and to what degree. The framework document provides background on what will be monitored and how; and uses a similar approach to that used for the first strategy.

Author(s): Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis and Reporting, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: April 2008

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The Ministry of Education will be monitoring the progress of the tertiary education sector towards the goals of the Tertiary Education Strategy 2007-12.

The Ministry will use a similar monitoring approach to that used for the first strategy. The monitoring framework sets out the indicators that will be used to shape the annual monitoring reports and explains the monitoring process.

The monitoring information will provide a broad picture that enables understanding of:

  • how tertiary education contributes to government goals
  • the overall trends in tertiary education in relation to the focus areas of the Strategy
  • progress towards the priority outcomes
  • the effect of the tertiary education reforms, including investing in a plan, developing a network of provision and focus on distinctive contributions.

The results of the monitoring project will:

  • inform Ministers of the overall progress being made
  • inform planning and decisions made by tertiary education organisations and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)
  • provide alerts to the possible need to reconsider parts of current policy
  • inform the next set of tertiary education priorities and future investment plans
  • feed into developing the next strategy.