Profile & Trends 2016: Tertiary Education Sector and Student Support [Part 5 of 6]

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This is edition 19 in an annual series on the tertiary education sector. Tertiary Education Sector and Student Support is the fifth of six reports to be published in the Profile and Trends 2016 series.

The key findings of Tertiary Education Sector and Student Support were:

  • The combined financial performance of tertiary education institutions was within the low-risk performance bands in 2016, based on the four key financial performance measures set by the Tertiary Education Commission.
  • The downward trend in the number of student allowances recipients and student loan borrowers continued from 2015 to 2016. Expenditure on student allowances, at $470 million, is now 26 percent below its peak in 2011. The amount borrowed from the Student Loan Scheme increased slightly from 2015 to 2016 to $1.5 billion.
  • Total government spending on tertiary education for the year ended June 2017 increased slightly on the previous year due mainly to higher funding rates for qualifications at level 3 and above and an increase in funding for research. Partially offsetting these increases was a decrease in expenditure on student allowances.

Author(s): Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis, Ministry of Education

Date Published: January 2018


The final report in the Profile & Trends 2016 series covers New Zealand's tertiary education system and tertiary education provision. 

The Profile & Trends reports published in 2017 contain data on tertiary education trends and changes for the year ended December 2016, unless otherwise stated. Most of the statistics in Tertiary Education Sector and Student Support are derived from returns provided by government-funded tertiary education organisations to the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission. A list of figures is included at the end of the report

The report  begins with an overview of the tertiary education sector and student support trends (chapter 1).  Chapter 2 covers the financial performance of public tertiary education institutions and chapter 3 provides information on he human resources in the system.  Chapter 4 describes the funding of tertiary education and chapter 5 covers data provided by the Tertiary Education Commission on the performance of the providers by sub-sector.  The report concludes with the trends in student allowances and student loan expenditure, average annual allowances and borrowing, and the characteristics of student allowance recipients and student loan borrowers. 

This year's Profile and Trends series represents the 19th annual survey of the tertiary education system to be published by the Ministry of Education.

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