Profile & Trends 2016: New Zealand's Workplace-based Learners [Part 3 of 6]

Publication Details

This is edition 19 in an annual series on the tertiary education sector.  New Zealand's workplace-based learners is the third of six reports to be published in the Profile and Trends 2016 series.

This report covers:

  • participation rates in industry training
  • changes in the numbers of people from 2015 to 2016 in industry training, Managed Apprenticeships, Gateway and trades academies, and
  • descriptions of workplace-based training, including apprenticeships, and the organisations involved in industry training.

Author(s): Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: September 2017

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Executive Summary

New Zealand's Workplace-based Learners is the third of six reports to be published in the Profile & Trends 2016 series.

New Zealand's Workplace-based Learners contains information on industry training and other workplace-based learning trends for the year ended December 2016. Most of the statistics in the report are derived from returns provided by government-funded tertiary education organisations to the Tertiary Education Commission. A list of figures is included at the end of the report.

Chapter 1 describes the participation rates of employees in industry training and highlights the trend in the number of trainees and apprentices. A profile of trainees (excluding apprentices) is provided in chapter 2, including the qualification and credit achievement of these learners. Apprenticeship numbers and the qualification and credit achievement of apprentices are reported on in chapter 3.

The participation of secondary school students in Gateway and trades academies, and the outcomes achieved by these students, is the focus of chapter 4. Data on industries accessing training, qualification levels, gender and ethnic group is included throughout the report.

This year's Profile & Trends series represents the 19th annual survey of the tertiary education system published by the Ministry of Education.

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