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Ngā Kete Raukura - Ngā Tauira: He Ako Reikura


The BES exemplars focus on how to make a much bigger difference in education. The BES exemplars highlight the potential for disciplined innovation to accelerate systemic improvement in areas of need in schooling.

The BES exemplars focus on how to make a much bigger difference in education. They highlight the potential for disciplined innovation to accelerate systemic improvement in areas of need in schooling.

Five new BES exemplars have been prepared in partnership with teachers, researchers and professionals who have led outstanding teaching in New Zealand.  Each exemplar has been selected because it illuminates highly effective teaching approaches that accelerate progress for diverse (all) learners in areas where improvement is needed.

They exemplify the eleven dimensions of quality teaching using examples that come from across the curriculum and are relevant to primary, intermediate, and secondary levels of schooling.

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"Wonderful, user-friendly resources to help our teachers"
Intermediate School Principal, Wellington on Exemplars 3 and 5.
" gold to schools"
Deputy Principal, Primary School, Dunedin on the BES findings overview



President SPANZ on the BES resources

Exemplars Online

The BES exemplars are a series of publications that make transparent the nature of:

  • highly effective teaching
  • professional learning and development
  • educational leadership
  • educationally powerful connections with families whānau, and
  • communities that support such teaching.

They were created in response to requests from New Zealand teachers and principals for real-life examples. Wherever possible, the exemplars are derived from research and development carried out in New Zealand schools and kura.

They celebrate the outstanding work of New Zealand educators.

BES Exemplar 1 | Ngā Kete Rakura He Tauira 1
Developing communities of mathematical inquiry  [PDF 3.8MB]
Accelerate achievement and counter bullying through effective mathematics teaching.

BES Exemplar 2 | Ngā Kete Raukura He Tauira 2
Ripiene Āwhina ki te Pānui Pukapuka (RĀPP)  [PDF 6.4MB]
Accelerate reading and comprehension achievement in te reo Māori.

BES Exemplar 3 | Ngā Kete Raukura He Tauira 3
Teacher and student use of learning goals  [PDF 4.0MB]
Improve teaching, decrease student misbehaviour, and accelerate achievement through the effective use of goals and feedback in writing (and across the curriculum).

BES Exemplar 4 | Ngā Kete Raukura He Tauira 4
Reciprocal teaching  [PDF 4.7MB]
Develop student leadership and accelerate literacy achievement across the curriculum.  This exemplar provides examples at primary, intermediate and secondary levels.

BES Exemplar 5 | Ngā Kete Raukura He Tauira 5
Learning logs - He kete wherawhera  [PDF 1.6MB]
Strengthen teacher-student communication and accelerate achievement through the use of learning logs. This exemplar focuses on NCEA Level 1 but is relevant across schooling.

Using the BES exemplars to support educational improvement

Email us feedback via best.evidence@minedu.govt.nzThe purpose of the BES exemplars and, indeed, of all the BES resources is to support educational improvement by sharing the evidence about what works, why, and how; what doesn't work; and what makes a bigger difference. 

To find out more about using the BES resources for educational improvement, go to:

Alton-Lee, A. (2012) The Use of Evidence to Improve Education and Serve the Public Good
Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis Programme, Hei Kete Raukura. Wellington: Ministry of Education.

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