ALL (Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey)

New Zealand participated in the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (ALL) in 2006. ALL measured the prose literacy, document literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills of a representative sample of respondents aged 16-65 from participating countries. ALL built on the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) which was undertaken in 24 countries - including New Zealand - in 1996.

ALL 2006 and IALS 1996, Information, Publications and International Data

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In 2005, the OECD and Statistics Canada published a comparative ALL report, Learning a Living.  This report covered the seven countries that had participated in ALL up till then.  In December 2011, the OECD and Statistics Canada published a further report, Literacy for Life which added in four further countries including New Zealand and Australia.

IALS 1996 Publication

The information in this report provides a summary of the preliminary findings from a survey of adult literacy in New Zealand. The survey was conducted in New Zealand in March 1996, as part of a series of international surveys known as the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). Twenty-four countries participated in IALS.

Adult Literacy in New Zealand: Results from the International Adult Literacy Survey