Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

This index page provides links to data on number of students involved with the Ongoing resourcing scheme (ORS) as at 1 July.

ORS provides support for a very small number of students, with the highest level of need for learning support, to help them join in and learn alongside other children at school. Students are funded under either a Very High or a High needs level, and in 2010 a third ‘extension’ category was created to include an additional 400 students with moderate-to-high special needs, who were older than nine and had missed out on the ORS by a narrow margin in the past.

As at 1 July 2018, there were 9,377 students receiving ORS funding. These students represented 1.2% of the total schooling population. Boys made up 67% of students receiving ORS funding, and the ethnic distribution was similar to the general schooling population. There were 7,059 students (75%) funded at High Need, 2,284 students (24%) funded at Very High need, and 34 students (1%) funded under the extension category of ORS.

The box below provides a number of downloads relating to the number of students in ORS funding scheme.

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