This index page provides statistics on children's participation in ECE including tables on prior participation rates of children starting school, enrolments and average hours spent in ECE.

Participation Intensity Measure

Using administrative data drawn from the Early Learning Information (ELI) system and population projections from StatsNZ, we are able to calculate the percentage of children attending early childhood education for 10 or more hours a week on average at age 3 and at age 4.

Results for 2017 and 2018 are presented here.

Documentation explaining this measure in more detail, as well as preliminary 2019 results, will be published here on Education Counts by mid-October 2019.

Early Childhood Education Participation Intensity: File Type & Size

Prior Participation in ECE

Data on prior-participation show how many children have regularly attended Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the six months prior to starting school. This is collected through the Ministry of Education's ENROL system. For further information on this see the indicator Prior participation in early childhood education.

This spreadsheet provides numbers and rates of prior participation across time.

ECE Prior Participation Table: File Type & Size

Enrolments in ECE

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) census is administered every year and provides a snapshot of high level statistics for ECE in New Zealand. Data captured is for a one week period, typically the last week in June and includes information about the services, enrolment/attendance numbers, teaching staff, and the use of languages.

From 2000 to current (60% of 2014 collection and 20% of 2018 collection for licensed services), enrolment data describes regular enrolments in ECE licensed services.

In 2014, the method for data collection changed and around 40% of services completed the Annual Census using the Ministry's new electronic collection tool for ECE: ELI.  In 2018, the proportion using ELI rose to 88%. For these services, the data collected relates to attendances in ECE licensed services, not enrolments. This is a change to the definition of the data and means that the data should not be compared to previous years.

The following document gives an overview of key findings from the latest ECE census.

ECE Summary: Enrolments (2018) File Type & Size
2017 Early Childhood Education census File Type & Size

For more information on the Early Childhood Education census, refer to the following report

Build Your Own Table: Interactive Pivot Table for Enrolments in ECE (2000-2018)

This spreadsheet allows you to create your tables by any combination of variables. Includes the option of displaying number of enrolments in ECE by service type and regional type variables.

Please note: use of this spreadsheet requires MS Excel version 2007 or later.

Interactive Pivot Table: Enrolments in ECE File Type & Size

Time Series Data

This spreadsheet provides numbers of Enrolments in ECE across time in a simple, easy to use format.

Time Series Data: Enrolments in ECE File Type & Size

Hours of Participation in ECE

Time Series Data

This spreadsheet provides information on average weekly attendance hours in ECE across time in a simple, easy to use format.

Time Series Data: Hours of Participation in ECE File Type & Size

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