Findings from the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2006

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Findings from the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects in 2006 were released by Minister of Education Steve Maharey at St Brigid’s School in Wellington on Thursday 19 July 2007.

Author(s): Derek Holton

Date Published: 2007

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Fourteen papers considering various aspects of the projects have been published as a compendium focusing on primary and intermediate schools, a secondary numeracy project report and a pamphlet summarizing all the findings.

The key findings from the research are:

  • The capability and knowledge of teachers in primary and secondary schools, and in English and Māori medium settings, is improving.
  • Schools who continue to focus on numeracy achievement and collect numeracy information after the initial professional development phase showed an impressive improvement. They showed a significant increase in the percentage of Year 6 students achieving at or above the expected level, and a considerable reduction in the percentage of Year 6 students categorised as "at risk" from 2002 to 2006.
  • When comparing groups of students at the end of their first year in NDP, the improvement in achievement of Pasifika students was the largest (0.40 effect size), followed by students at low decile schools (0.38 effect size), and Māori students (0.35 effect size).
  • There are some area where improvement is still need, e.g. students' understanding of fractions and their ability to think proportionally.

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