On the Edge of Adulthood: Young people's school and out-of-school experiences at 16 (Technical report)

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Competent Children, Competent Learners is a longitudinal study which began in 1993 and follows the progress of a sample of around 500 New Zealand young people from early childhood education through schooling and beyond. This technical report has been written to stand alongside the main report from the age-16 phase of the study, On the edge of adulthood: Young people’s school and out-of-school experiences at 16, and provides in-depth coverage of the methodology used to analyse the data and more details of the results.

Author(s): Edith Hodgen, New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Date Published: May 2009

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Executive Summary

On the edge of adulthood: Young people's school and out-of-school experiences at 16 (Wylie & Hipkins, 2008) is the major report from the age-16 phase of the longitudinal Competent Children, Competent Learners study. This technical report provides in-depth coverage of the variables used, the statistical methodology, and detailed results of the models fitted.

Competent Children, Competent Learners charts the development of students' cognitive competencies (literacy, numeracy and logical problem solving), as well as their attitudinal competencies (social and communication skills). It also investigates the students' home and education experiences to find out which of these experiences may account for differences in their patterns of development and performance over time.

Altogether, 447 young people took part in the age-16 phase of the project which specifically explores students' home, school, and out-of-school life; their engagement in school, and how that relates to their out-of-school life; and their achievement, both in terms of the Competent Children, Competent Learners competency measures and, where available, their NCEA results.

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