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The Centre of Innovation (COI) Programme is a strategy aimed at improving the quality of early childhood education. It aims to promote a deeper exploration of innovative teaching and learning processes already underway in early childhood services. For more information visit: Centres of Innovation (COI) Programme Ngā Kauhanga Whakarehu.

A limited number of ECE services are selected on merit in each round by a selection panel convened by the Ministry of Education. Selected services are designated COI for a three year period during which time they are contracted by the Ministry to: Research and further develop their existing innovative practice; and disseminate information about their innovation and the outcomes of their research. They work in partnership with a research associate who is contracted by the ministry to provide research support services to their teacher researcher partners. At the end of each COI project, the teacher researchers and their research associate produce a comprehensive final research report.

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  • COI: Report on the Evaluation of the Early Childhood Centres of Innovation Programme

    This report presents findings of an evaluation of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres of Innovation (COI) programme, which ran between 2003 and 2009. The evaluation focused on centres that entered the programme between 2003 and 2006 (Rounds One to Three). The purpose of the evaluation was to determine the impact of the COI programme within COI services and in the wider ECE sector on teachers practices and children's learning outcomes.

    Author(s): Robyn Gibbs & Dr Jenny Poskitt, Evaluation Associates Limited.

    Date Published: June 2009
    Date Released on Education Counts: February 2011

  • COI Centre of Innovation Research:

    An exploration of the practices & systems that foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging for young children & their families as they transition from home to a 'formal' home-based care & education

    This report describes the Centre of Innovation (COI) action research project carried out by Hutt Family Day Care (HFDC) in Lower Hutt, Wellington from January 2006 to end of 2007.

    Author(s): Jane Firth, Jane Couch & Liz Everiss, Report for the Ministry of Education.

    Date Published: December 2009
    Date Released on Education Counts: December 2010

  • COI Botany Downs Kindergarten: Inclusion at Botany Downs Kindergarten Centre of Innovation 2006-2008

    The Centre of Innovation (COI) research shared in this report focuses on inclusion in an early childhood education centre, Botany Downs Kindergarten (BDK) in Howick, Auckland.

    Author(s): Bronwyn Glass, Kerry Baker and Raelene Ellis (Teacher Researchers) Botany Downs Kindergarten and Dr Helen Bernstone and Dr Bill Hagan (Research Associates), Manukau Institute of Technology.

    Date Published: April 2010
    Date Released on Education Counts: May 2010

  • COI Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bush Street: Centre of Innovation 2006-2008

    This report describes the New Zealand Early Childhood Centre of Innovation research project at Kidsfirst Kindergartens in Bush Street, Rangiora.

    Author(s): Kay Henson and Helen Smith, Teacher Researchers, Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bush Street and Elaine Mayo, Research Associate, University of Canterbury.

    Date Published: April 2010

    Date Released on Education Counts: May 2010

  • COI Wadestown Kindergarten: A Curriculum Whāriki of Multimodal Literacies

    This is the final research report of the Wadestown Kindergarten Centre of Innovation (COI) action research project. The aim of the project was to explore the nature and roles of different literacy modes in communicative competence and in shaping the ways in which children view and operate in the world. The project also examined how literacy modes are mediated by the people, places and practices in the kindergarten, home and wider community.

    Author(s): Yvette Simonsen, Mandy Blake and André La Hood (Teacher Researchers), Maggie Haggerty and Linda Mitchell (Research Associates) and Lynette Wray, (Senior Teacher), Wadestown Kindergarten.

    Date Published: February 2009

  • COI Wilton Playcentre: Transforming learning at Wilton Playcentre

    Wilton Playcentre was designated as a Centre of Innovation in 2003. This report focuses on the findings from baseline and final phase data collection, and 2½ years of action research. The research was undertaken by Wilton Playcentre parents, with the assistance of the research associates.

    Author(s): Nikolien van Wijk and Ainsley Simmonds; Pam Cubey and Linda Mitchell, New Zealand Council for Educational Research; Rebecca Bulman, Michelle Wilson and Wilton Playcentre members.

    Date Published: December 2008

  • COI Te Kōpae Piripono: Ko koe kei tēnā kīwai, ko au kei tēnei kīwai o te kete (You carry your handle and I’ll carry my handle, of our kete)

    This report documents a three-year Centre of Innovation research project, carried out by the whānau of Te Kōpae Piripono Māori immersion early childhood centre, into its exploration of leadership and the critical importance of whānau development in ensuring successful educational experiences and fulfilled lives for Māori children and their families.

    Author(s): Aroaro Tamati, Erana Hond-Flavell, Hinerangi Korewha and the whānau of Te Kōpae Piripono.

    Date Published: December 2008

  • COI Citizens Preschool and Nursery: Collaborations - Teachers and a Family Whānau Support Worker in an Early Childhood Setting

    This report describes the Centre of Innovation (COI) research project carried out by the teacher-researchers of Citizens Preschool and Nursery, Dunedin between 2005 to 2007. This COI was part of the second round of funded centres, where the focus area for research was how collaborative relationships impact on children’s learning and development.

    Author(s): Citizens Preschool And Nursery Centre Of Innovation 2005-2007.

    Date Published: March 2008

  • COI Te Marua/Mangaroa Playcentre: The SPACE Programme - Nurturing a culture of care for infants and first-time parents

    The SPACE programme (Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education) at Te Marua/Mangaroa Playcentre is an early childhood Centre of Innovation (COI).

    Author(s): Valerie Podmore and Sarah Te One, Victoria University of Wellington with Leanne Dawson, Truus Dingemanse, Jeanette Higham, Justine Jones, Kathy Matthews, and Sue Pattinson, COI Research Team Members, Te Marua / Mangaroa Playcentre.

    Date Published: February 2008

  • COI Massey Childcare Centre: Ako Ngatahi - Teaching and Learning Together as One: From Leadership to Enquiry Teachers’ work in an Infants’ and Toddlers’ Centre

    This report describes the Centre of Innovation action research project carried out in the Hoiho Section at Massey Child Care Centre Inc Palmerston North, between February 2005 and August 2007.

    Author(s): Raewyne Bary, Caryn Deans, Monika Charlton, Heather Hullet, Faith Martin, Libby Martin, Paulette Moana, Olivia Waugh, Barbara Jordan & Cushla Scrivens, Massey Child Care Centre Inc, Massey University.

    Date Published: February 2008

  • COI A'oga Fa'a Samoa: O le Tama Ma Lana A'oga, O le Tama Ma Lona Fa'asinomaga: Nurturing Positive Identity in Children

    Final research report from the A'oga Fa'a Samoa, an Early Childhood Centre of Innovation. The report was prepared for the Ministry of Education by Valerie N. Podmore with Tanya Wendt Samu and the A'oga Fa'a Samoa.

    Author(s): Valerie N. Podmore with Tanya Wendt Samu and the A'oga Fa'a Samoa.

    Date Published: August 2006

  • COI Wycliffe Nga Tamariki Kindergarten: The Flight of Our Kite

    This is the final research report of Wycliffe Nga Tamariki Kindergarten, a round one ECE Centre of Innovation.

    Author(s): Penny Haworth and Joy Cullen, Massey University, Heather Simmons, Liz Schimanski and Pam McGarva, Wycliff Nga Tamariki and Eileen Woodhead, Napier Kindergarten Association.

    Date Published: June 2006

  • COI New Beginnings Preschool: Putting Identity into Community

    New Beginnings Preschool was one of six New Zealand early childhood centres participating in the first round of the Ministry of Education’s Centres of Innovation three-year research project. The hallmark of this research programme was action research led by participant teacher researchers. In this report, New Beginnings Preschool explored the ways in which visual arts and project work in the curriculum contributed to building a community of learners in this early childhood environment. Significant outcomes of the research include new understandings of the construction of identity, both individual and collective, within the Preschool community.

    Author(s): Jocelyn Wright, Debbie Ryder and Elaine Mayo, Christchurch College of Education and New Beginnings Preschool Inc.

    Date Published: June 2006

  • COI Roskill South Kindergarten: Strengthening Learning and Teaching using ICT

    A number of outcomes from the Roskill South Kindergarten Centre of Innovation action research project are set out in this Report. The project asked questions about the integration of ICT into everyday learning and teaching in a kindergarten sited in a multicultural and multilingual community. What were the outcomes for children and families? What were some of the key features of such an integration and what difference did it make for teachers?

    Author(s): Karen Ramsey, Jane Breen, Jacqui Sturm, Wendy Lee and Margaret Carr, Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, The University of Waikato.

    Date Published: June 2006

  • COI Te Kōhanga Reo o Pūau Te Moananui a Kiwa:
    Te Ohonga Ake o Te Reo - The Re-awakening of Māori Language

    This is the final report of Te Kōhanga Reo o Puau Te Moananui a Kiwa and tells the story of the journey undertaken by the whanau of this service during the time they were a designated Centre of Innovation between 2003 – 2006

    Author(s): Hariata Rawinia Pohatu, Kanewa Stokes and Herewini Austin

    Date Published: January 2006