Education at a Glance & INES

The Indicators of Education Systems (INES) programme provides data on the performance of the education systems in the OECD’s 36 member countries and a set of partner countries. The INES flagship publication is Education at a Glance (EAG).

For the latest New Zealand results read the publication How does New Zealand's education system compare?

About EAG & INES

Education at a glance.

INES is an international OECD programme that produces the annual report Education at a Glance (EAG). This annually updated information is, according to the OECD, the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of education around the world. Featuring more than 120 charts and 180 tables, its indicators cover the output of educational institutions, the impact of learning on economic and social outcomes, the financial and human resources invested in education, access to education, participation and progression, and the learning environment and organisation of schools. From ECE to schooling and tertiary, and beyond study to economic and social outcomes of education.

Why is it done?

The OECD's mission is 'Better Policy for Better Lives'. International comparisons provide a fundamental evidence base for this. Countries are increasingly looking at international comparisons to gain insights on how well their education system performs. Where they are doing well, where they are not doing so well, what features might be contributing to this, and what are the features of well-performing countries generally.

EAG is one of the most authoritative sources for information on the state of education around the world. It's used by governments to inform policy changes and set priories for improvement. It directly and indirectly contributes to education system changes that improve educational and non-educational outcomes of individuals and societies across the world.

Who is involved?

INES is an annual survey of the education systems of all 37 OECD countries, plus a number of partner countries. The programme is managed by the OECD and was developed in conjunction with participating countries, and a number of international agencies including UNESCO and the European Commission. It was first published in 1992.

When is it done?

Education at a Glance is produced annually. EAG 2019 was published in September 2019. EAG 2020 will be published in September 2020.

How is it done?

Data for EAG is collected from countries throughout the year. Unlike other OECD international surveys (such as PISA, PIAAC or TALIS), INES does not survey students, or schools directly.  The survey instead draws from already collected administrative or survey data.  In fact, the survey involves up to 20 separate surveys incorporating some 75,000 separate pieces of information. It also draws on other international survey data, such as PISA, PIAAC and TALIS.