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Please note that this is technical information predominantly made available for software developers. People wanting to identify the zones of schools are encouraged to go to the Find a School  tab where they can search for a specific school, or search a specific address for nearby schools and see school zones and find a written description of the school zone.


An Enrolment Scheme Home Zone is a means of limiting the roll to prevent overcrowding at a school, and enables the Ministry of Education to make best use of the current accommodation at schools in the surrounding area.  Each enrolment scheme must contain a home zone with clearly defined boundaries. Students who live in the home zone have an absolute right to enrol at the school.

The enrolment scheme boundaries (School Enrolment Home Zones) are available in map. Where there is conflict between the map and the formal written description, the written description should take precedence.  For the avoidance of doubt enrolment enquiries should be made directly to the school.

Enrolment Schemes

More information about Enrolment Schemes can be found on the Ministry of Education website.

Enrolment Scheme Home Zones are available to download (below) in MAPINFO format in NZMG coordinate system.  The polygons representing the home zones do not have a high degree of spatial resolution nor vertical alignment integrity.  This file should not be used to perform spatial queries with other datasets such as the DCDB.

These files are updated throughout the year.  The frequency of the the updates is dependent on the timing of changes being made to the files.

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