William Walker Oration: School Leadership and Student Outcomes - Identifying What Works and Why

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This Monograph is the ACEL William Walker Oration for 2007, delivered on October 11, 2007 at the national conference of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, by Professor Viviane Robinson, University of Auckland. The analysis presented in this monograph is the first of a series of analyses for the Education Leadership BES development.

Author(s): Professor Viviane M. J. Robinson

Date Published: October 2007


2007 Hedley Beare Award for Educational Writing: Professor Viviane Robinson

The 2007 Headley Beare Award for Educational Writing was presented to Professor Viviane Robinson by the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) in October 2007.  “The award was made in recognition of her internationally respected work as an educational researcher and most recently for her tireless research and writings related to the Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis about Educational Leadership.  This synthesis is part of the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Best Evidence Synthesis programme which is designed to support a more evidence-based policy making process as well as making relevant research evidence accessible to practitioners.  The leadership synthesis has analysed national and international evidence on the impact of leadership on a wide range of student outcomes and is already challenging educational leaders nationally and internationally to reflect on their core role of educational leader.” ACEL

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