Indicators are established measures used to determine how well a result has been achieved in a particular area of interest. For example, the rate of formal school qualifications helps quantify whether students are succeeding at school. Use the following filter options to find the relevant indicator(s).

Key Themes

Education Sector

Demographic Data


18-year-olds with a minimum of NCEA Level 2 or equivalent
Affordability of early childhood education
Affordability of tertiary education
Annual expenditure per student
Children living in low income households
Completion of tertiary education
Early leaving exemptions
Education of primary caregiver: early childhood
Education of primary caregiver: schooling
Educational attainment in the adult population
Graduate income premium
Impact of education on income
International students enrolled in tertiary education
Key financial performance indicators for schools
Kōrero: primary schooling
Literacy skills in the adult population
Mathematics achievement: middle schooling
Mathematics literacy achievement: senior secondary schooling
Mathematics/Pāngarau: primary schooling
Māori parent representation on the boards of trustees
Non-enrolled Students
Participation in early childhood education
Participation in industry training
Participation rates in tertiary education
Pasifika parent representation on the boards of trustees
Percentage of Māori population proficient in te reo Māori
Tertiary student progression
Provision of early childhood education services
Public expenditure on early childhood education (ECE)
Reading literacy achievement: senior secondary schooling
Reading/Pānui: primary schooling
Research degree completion rates
Retention of students in senior secondary schools
School leavers entering tertiary education
School leavers with at least a level 3 qualification or a university entrance award
School leavers with NCEA Level 1 or above
School leavers with NCEA Level 2 or above
Science achievement: middle schooling
Science achievement: primary schooling
Science literacy achievement: senior secondary schooling
Stand-downs, suspensions, exclusions and expulsions from school
Student attitudes to science
Teachers in early childhood education
Tertiary student retention
Total public expenditure on education
Transient students
Truancy from school
Unemployment rate by highest qualification
Writing/Tuhituhi: primary schooling
Youth suicide

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