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Building a productive and competitive economy is a Government priority and achievement in education is essential to this goal. Education helps New Zealanders develop the skills needed to reach their full potential and contribute to the economy and society.

A Level 2 qualification gives people opportunities in terms of further education and employment, contributing to better health outcomes and a better quality of life.

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18-year-olds with a minimum of NCEA level 2 or equivalent, by the age they left school (2018)
Group Left school at
age 15
Left school at
age 16
Left school at
age 17
Left school at
age 18 or above
Below level 2 Level 2 or above Below level 2 Level 2 or above Below level 2 Level 2 or above Below level 2 Level 2 or above
Female 0 0.0 9 75.0 44 91.7 61 100.0
Male 0 0.0 9 42.9 36 85.7 45 93.8
Māori 0 0.0 7 77.8 6 60.0 18 100.0
Pacific x x x x x x x x
Asian 0 -2.0 0 0.0 2 100.0 5 83.3
MELAA x x x x x x x x
Other x x x x x x x x
European/Pākehā 0 -2.0 11 45.8 72 90.0 90 97.8
Total 0 0.0 18 54.5 80 88.9 106 97.2


  1. The data in the above table relates only to the cohort of 18 year-olds; the age in the table is the age on their last day at school.
  2. ‘x’ = data has been suppressed where there are between 0 and 5 students in the denominator for a specific group, for example Asian students. Where one gender has been suppressed the corresponding gender has also been suppressed. 'na' = not applicable.
  3. Ethnicity is multiple response, that is, students who affiliated in more than one ethnic group have been counted in each ethnic group. Students are only counted once in the total, therefore, the ethnic groups may not sum to the total.
  4. International fee-paying students are excluded.