SOIK (Student Outcome Information Kits)


The Student Outcome Information Kit (SOIK) describes student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. He Kete Raraunga describes achievement in pānui, tuhituhi and pāngarau.

More information about these kits is available from the English Medium - Student Achievement in New Zealand and Māori Medium - He Kete Raraunga pages (please refer to the 'Downloads/Links' box on the right).

He Kete Raraunga and the Student Achievement in New Zealand information kit include data from asTTle – the Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning. asTTle is an educational resource designed to provide teachers, students and parents with information about a student’s level of achievement relative to desired curriculum achievement outcomes, although these kits contain asTTle data that was collected for the purpose of trialling items during its development.

Finally, both kits draw on results from the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) which is New Zealand’s national qualification for senior secondary students, implemented from 2002.

These surveys assess individual students, but they describe student performance at a national level. The information in the kits cannot be compared because the language of the test and often the items in the test are different.

English Medium and Māori Medium Information Kits


Indicator Icon  English Medium - Student Achievement in New Zealand

This information kit provides the education sector with information about student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics where the students have been assessed in English.  As well as presenting a snapshot of student achievement, it also draws links between achievement and attitudes, gender, ethnicity, English at home and some characteristics of the school.


Indicator Icon  Māori Medium - He Kete Raraunga

He Kete Raraunga provides the education sector with information about student achievement in Māori medium primary school settings.  The data presented provide a snapshot of student achievement in pāngarau, tuhituhi and pānui as it relates to the Māori medium curriculum. It also draws links between student achievement and attitudes, gender, length and type of immersion and frequency of Māori language spoken at home.

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