Public Achievement Information (PAI)

Public Achievement Information is a collection of infographics that summarise a wide range of education topics. The aim of the graphics is to help explain complex topics and provide a better understanding of New Zealand’s education system.

PAI includes information about how New Zealand's education system is progressing, at national, regional and local levels. PAI supports public achievement and collective action with its focus on improving transparency and promoting the effective use of information to support improvement.

The public availability of a range of information is intended to build understanding of the progress and achievement of students at all levels of the education system, and to focus attention on where there is limited progress or barriers to achievement. Good quality information will provide the basis for communities, families, parents and whānau to engage and collaborate with schools and kura, and with other local stakeholders to support the achievement of their students. To search for public achievement relating to a specific school go to: Find a School.