Initial teacher education statistics

This technical note explains how the Ministry of Education derives the number of students who were enrolled in, or completed, initial teacher education qualifications.

How do these initial teacher education statistics differ from other field of study data published by the Ministry of Education?

Although the Ministry of Education publishes other enrolment and graduate data for students who studied in the field of education, the new initial teacher education statistics exclude qualifications that do not lead to provisional teacher registration (such as certificates that are preparatory qualifications). In doing so, the initial teacher education statistics present a more accurate picture of teacher training in New Zealand.

Determining the likely sector of teaching of initial teacher education students/graduates

Using the administrative data reported to the Ministry of Education by tertiary education providers, the following process was used to determine the likely sector of teaching (early childhood education (ECE), primary, or secondary) for each student/graduate:

Step 1:

The New Zealand Classification of Education (NZSCED) code for the initial teacher education qualification the student was enrolled in (or completed) was used to map the qualification to a sector of teaching. The mapping used is presented in Table 1. For example, a student enrolled in or completing a qualification with an NZSCED code of 070101, 070118, or 070120, was assigned to the ECE sector. 

Table 1: Mapping of NZSCED codes to teaching sector
ECE 070101 Teacher Education: Early Childhood (Pre-Service)
070118 Bilingual Early Childhood Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
070120 Immersion Early Childhood Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
Primary 070103 Teacher Education: Primary (Pre-Service)
070122 Bilingual Primary Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
070124 Immersion Primary Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
Secondary 070105 Teacher Education: Secondary (Pre-Service)
070126 Bilingual Secondary Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
070128 Immersion Secondary Teacher Training (Pre-Service)
Step 2:

A number of initial teacher education qualifications do not identify a single sector of teaching via an NZSCED code, as they can produce graduates for more than one teaching sector.

In these cases, to determine the likely sector of teaching for each student/graduate, the courses a student enrolled in as part of the initial teacher education qualification were analysed. The study load (as measured by equivalent full-time students (EFTS)) in courses assigned to any of the initial teacher education NZSCED codes in Table 1 (or in courses that had a name that identified a sector of teaching) was then aggregated and a student was assigned to a teaching sector where they had the largest study load.

Where the likely sector of teaching for a student/graduate could not be identified using Step1 and Step 2 the sector was treated as "unknown".

Because the likely sector of teaching is a derived characteristic, it should be treated as indicative only.

The initial teacher education data is compiled at the qualification level

The initial teacher education statistics reported here were compiled at the qualification level

Therefore, if a student was assigned to a particular sector of teaching, all of the EFTS for that student in that qualification in that year were assigned to that sector.

The field of study for secondary sector graduates

The initial teacher education data in sheet ITE.COM6 presents the field(s) of study of the initial teacher education qualification and any prior awarded qualifications (at the bachelors or higher level) for secondary sector graduates.

Field of study data is available from 2003 onwards, so if the initial teacher education graduate obtained their qualification prior to this time or attained the qualification overseas, there is no data on the field of study of any prior qualifications for them. Or, if the student graduates in initial teacher education before completing the other qualification, this won't be captured in the data.

It is important to note that the field(s) of study reported in sheet ITE.COM6 does not necessarily identify the curriculum teaching areas that the initial teacher education graduate is qualified to teach in.

Initial Teacher Education  Updated: April 2017

Statistics relating to students enrolled in and completing initial teacher education qualifications by a range of demographic and other characteristics.