What do New Zealand students understand about civic knowledge and citizenship?

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This is the first of a series of publications based on the results of the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS). This report focuses on New Zealand Year 9 students' achievement in civic knowledge in comparison with their peers from other countries.

Author(s): Kate Lang, Research, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: November 2010

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Final comment

ICCS is a large international study that examines student knowledge and understanding of civics and citizenship in relation to a range of personal, educational, social and cultural factors. This report focuses on New Zealand Year 9 student achievement in civic knowledge. New Zealand students are generally well-prepared to be active citizens with civic knowledge scores significantly above the international average, although our performance was below a number of other OECD countries in the study.

ICCS also investigated student attitudes, values, perceptions and activities related to civic and citizenship. Data from 38 countries has provided a rich source of information about the differences between countries and how these differences relate to student characteristics, school and community contexts, and country characteristics.

We can learn more about civics and citizenship through the ICCS data on student values, attitudes and behaviours, which will be the focus of the second report in this series. The series of New Zealand ICCS reports will provide a broad perspective of how well prepared New Zealand students are to undertake their roles as citizens of the future.

The ICCS international reports can be accessed from New Zealand’s ICCS webpage at www.educationcounts.govt.nz/goto/iccs. The international database will also be accessible for public use (from 2011) on the ICCS website at http://iccs.acer.edu.au/.

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