New Zealand Schools: Ngā Kura o Aotearoa (1999)

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The report of the Minister of Education on the compulsory schools sector in NZ pertaining to 1999 (also known as the Schools Sector Report).

Author(s): Data Management and Analysis Division, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: 2000

Executive Summary

The Minister of Education is required under Section 44B of the Public Finance Act 1989 (as amended) to report to Parliament each year on the performance of the state schools sector. Through this report the public of New Zealand is informed of state schools' operations and performance during 1999. State schools, along with those formerly private schools which have integrated into the state system, comprise 96 percent of all schools. In some cases analysis includes the 4 percent of schools which are private, to provide a picture of the state schools' role in the entire schools sector.

The Government sets the policy framework for the operation of schools in New Zealand and monitors the standards of education delivery within the school network. State schools are governed by school boards of trustees.

A school's operation and success depend upon the cooperation and interaction of parents, teachers and the board. Any analysis of, and reporting on, schooling must therefore be seen in the context of the community in which schools operate. Demographic, cultural and socio-economic factors impact on educational choice and outcome.

The statistical measures used in this report are useful tools in monitoring the schools sector, but they can not provide the sole basis for assessing educational performance and outcomes. Nevertheless, this report is a valuable source of assessment of educational trends and movements in the schools sector in 1999 and recent years.

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