Evaluation of the Inservice Teacher Education Practice Project (INSTEP)

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INSTEP was a research and development project aimed at improving the quality of inservice teacher education. The project, carried out by the Ministry of Education, set out to improve knowledge and understanding about effective inservice teacher education, develop greater consistency and coherence in the practice of inservice teacher educators (ISTEs) and trial approaches that would lead to improvements in their practice. This evaluation report offers insights into the way in which participating in INSTEP has contributed to bringing about shifts in knowledge, skills and expertise of ISTEs and identifies early indicators of change resulting from the project.

Author(s): Meenakshi Sankar, MartinJenkins. Report prepared for the Ministry of Education.

Date Published: August 2009

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Appendix: Project definitions (key terms)

INSTEP Project Manager:

Project manages the project to ensure that it is delivered on time, within budget and to the expected quality.

INSTEP Senior Advisor:

Manages the range of contracted relationships with the sector and provides advice and support to the Project Manager. Also has the primary responsibility for overseeing the development of the materials.

INSTEP Project Team:

Comprises the Project Manager and the Senior Advisor.

National team of facilitators:

Comprises the core team of facilitators with the responsibility to lead the project at a national level.

Responsible for leading the design of the framework, guidelines, professional learning approach and materials.

Provides national coordination for the project and support regional engagement.
The select, coach and mentor the regional facilitators.
There are 12 NFs with three choosing to work in pairs, taking the membership of this group to 15.

Sector Reference Group:

Experienced educators drawn from the sector to provide advice to the INSTEP project team and national team of facilitators.

Project Advisory Group:

MOE personnel who provide advice to the Project and the National teams and consider the implications of INSTEP for their own projects and initiatives 

National Research coordinator:

Contracted researcher with primary responsibility to conduct ongoing research to support the development of evidence base of effective practice.

Design and develop frameworks for facilitating analysis and synthesis of research reports.

Inquiry/Action research:

The methodology used in INSTEP by participants including but not limited to the national and regional facilitators.

Regional Facilitators:

Regional level inservice teacher educators nominated or recruited by the national facilitator to work on INSTEP. There are five RFs per NF.

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