Literacy and Life Skills for Māori Adults: Further Investigation: Results from the Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey

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This report, which complements Literacy and Life Skills for Maori Adults, investigates the extent to which the distribution of literacy among Maori adults is associated with a range of potential explanatory factors.

Author(s): Paul Satherley and Elliot Lawes, Research Division, Ministry of Education.

Date Published: August 2009

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Section 2: Introduction

Literacy and Life Skills for Māori Adults: Further Investigation takes a first step in deeper analysis of the data on the Māori adult population of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey. It describes a model that treats document literacy skill as the outcome of a range of potential explanatory factors. This enables us to understand more about the nature and strength of associations with Māori adults' document literacy skills when several different factors are taken into account.

The companion report, Literacy and Life Skills for Māori Adults, shows that strong associations exist between the Māori population's literacy skills and variables including educational qualifications, labour force status and income. However, these variables are themselves closely associated with each other. Further Investigation describes the findings where these and other variables are grouped together for analysis.

The purpose of Further Investigation is to provide a level of analysis beyond what is offered by descriptive statistics.. This will be useful within the skills policy arena for helping us to understand the factors that are most associated with higher document literacy skills for Māori. It also illustrates potential for further analysis – for example exploring relationships with other skills or other associated factors.

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