Evaluation of Teacher Professional Development Languages (TPDL):

For teachers of languages in years 7-10 and the impact on language learning opportunities and outcomes for students

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This study was carried out during 2008 and aims to inform the Ministry about the TPDL and the impact on language learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

Author(s): Sharon Harvey, Clare Conway, Heather Richards & Annelies Roskvist, AUT University

Date Published: December 2009

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AUT - Auckland   University of Technology

CPT1 - Chinese Proficiency Test 1

DELE - Diploma  de Español como  Lengua Extranjera

HOD -  Head of Department

ILT -    Intercultural language teaching

iCLT - Intercultural  Communicative Language Teaching

LIA -    Language  Immersion Award

LL -   Learning  Languages

LLS - Learning  Language Series

LIPIS - Languages in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools

PD -  Professional  Development

PPP - Presentation, practice and production model

NCEA - National Certificate of Educational Achievement

NZALT -  New Zealand Association of Language  Teachers

RFP - Request for Proposal

SPSS - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

SLA - Second language acquisition

TKI -  Te Kete Ipurangi – The Online Learning Centre

TPDL - Teacher Professional Development Languages

TL - Teaching  Language

WTC -  Willingness to communicate

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