Outcomes for teachers and students in the ICTPD School Clusters Programme 2006-2008: A national overview

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This report focuses on the effectiveness of the 2006-2008 Information and Communication Technologies Professional Development (ICT PD) School Clusters programmes and supplements previous evaluations of the first six ICT PD programmes. It is the last report of an ongoing evaluation of the ICT PD teacher professional development initiative, which has been implemented in New Zealand since 1999.

Author(s): Selver Sahin and Vince Ham, CORE Education. Report prepared for the Ministry of Education.

Date Published: May 2010

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The overall conclusion arising from the study is that the 2006-8 ICT PD programme had a clear and positive effect on the teachers and students in cluster schools with respect to its key goals. Teachers reported moderate to high levels of increase or change with respect to the Ministry's programme objectives as outlined in cluster performance agreements (Viz: the integration of ICTs to give effect to the curriculum, increased capability of teachers and school leaders with respect to e-learning, increased professional understanding of the educational contribution of ICTs, and strengthened professional learning communities).

At the national level, the programme continues to achieve its overall goals of increasing teachers' skills and confidence with ICTs, improving teachers' understandings of the educative purposes of using ICTs in teaching and learning, increasing classroom usage of ICTs, involving schools and teachers in effective communities of practice for professional development, and providing quality ICT-mediated learning experiences for students. While stating these as general effects on the population of cluster teachers and classrooms as a whole, we note that at a national level the ICT PD programme continues to have a greater impact among primary teachers than among secondary teachers, and a greater impact among those who take part for the majority of the duration of the three-year programme.

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