Laptops for Teachers: An evaluation of the TELA scheme in schools (Years 1 to 3)

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The purpose of this evaluation was to investigate the impacts of the Laptops for Teachers Scheme (TELA) on Years 1 to 3 teachers’ work in the Waikato region.

Author(s): Bronwen Cowie, Alister Jones and Ann Harlow, with Mike Forret, University of Waikato.

Date Published: July 2010


Research of the kind outlined in this report involves a considerable number of teachers in a number of schools. The research team is grateful for the willingness of school principals to encourage teachers to take part; and grateful to the hundreds of classroom teachers who have been willing to share their experiences in relation to the TELA scheme to provide laptops for teachers.

This evaluation team has appreciated the ongoing contact with the schools and teachers in this evaluation project. Teachers have a unique opportunity to tell the stories of their emerging experiences with their laptops. This valuable information will have an important part in informing (and hopefully enhancing) future policies and practices, ultimately to the benefit of school students and teachers, families and the wider community.

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