Monitoring and evaluating curriculum implementation:

Final evaluation report on the implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum 2008-2009

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This report presents findings from a national evaluation of the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum. The project sought to establish a national picture of implementation progress in English-medium schools in the first two years following the curriculum's launch in November 2007.

Author(s): Dr Claire Sinnema, The University of Auckland. Report prepared for the Ministry of Education.

Date Published: March 2011

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Section 3: Findings Introduction

Findings are reported in the following section in relation, firstly, to receptivity. Findings in relation to practices and understandings are then reported together. The reason for this is that it became apparent that how educators understand curriculum aspects needs to be considered alongside findings from self-reports of implementation. This section is followed by findings in relation to support, and finally in relation to explanations for curriculum implementation progress.

The following sections summarise the findings from the 2-year project and supplement the detailed report about the 2008 data reported in May 2009 to the Ministry of Education. The findings in this report refer mainly to data from the 2008 and 2009 paper surveys unless specific reference is made to a web survey.

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