Region Summary

The Ministry has selected a number of key measures which can be used to understand education in this region. The measures focus on student achievement. The data is presented in two ways: a radar diagram and a table. In the diagram below the black line represents the New Zealand performance for each measure; it has been set to one. The green line shows the region’s performance as compared to the rest of New Zealand. Where the green line is outside the black line the region has a better performance than the rest of the country.

Where data is not available for a given measure then there is no coloured line for a comparison with the New Zealand score. In these situations the coloured lines draw in to the centre from the last available point of comparison.

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The table below includes the key measures from the radar diagram above along with other measures of interest. The data presented here are the actual rates for the region and New Zealand. For most of these measures more detailed information can be found in the other tabs associated with this region and with its associated territorial authorities.

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