School Leavers

This is the main index page for school leavers data. School leavers data is derived from the March roll returns. From here you can access data on school leavers, publications and analysis based on the data, and documents pertaining to the collection, including the roll return collection forms, guidelines for completing the roll returns, and code tables relevant to the roll return.

School Leavers Key Findings, Data, Statistics and Publications

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The Ministry of Education carries out statistical collections (roll returns) from all schools in New Zealand at 1 March and 1 July each year, in line with the statutory requirements as detailed in the Education Act 1989.

School leavers data is collected as part of the March roll return. School leavers are secondary school students that have finished their schooling.

School leavers data includes the number of school leavers, by highest attainment, year of schooling, gender, and ethnicity.

The data around highest attainment is particularly useful for analysis. Also, the number of school leavers forms an easily understood cohort that acts as an accurate denominator at a crucial stage in the education system.