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This is the main index page for school roll data. From here you can access data on school rolls and analysis based on the data.

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Why is the Ministry collecting school roll data?

School roll information is core information required for managing the education system.  The Ministry uses roll return data:

  • to fund and staff schools
  • to support policy analysis
  • to monitor the results of the New Zealand education system
  • for national and international reporting

Roll data are used for general research and statistics, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, for example understanding transient students.  This may include linking roll data with other student data, for example, for research on the correlation between school size and NCEA achievement.  Care is taken that no individual can ever be identified from published analysis.

The Measures

July rolls are used for national and international reporting; and are the data presented in the statistics page.  The key measure of the July roll returns is a head count of students.

July roll returns also include information on the numbers of students taught in te reo or a pacific language, and a snapshot of the subjects students are studying.

School numbers are also presented with student rolls used to show the size of the school.

The Data Source

There are four school roll returns every year.  All schools complete a snapshot of roll information as at 1 March and 1 July.  The Ministry also collects 1 June and 1 September rolls from state and state-integrated schools with students in funding year levels 9 to 15.

Most schools use a student management system (SMS) to manage their student records, and to complete the roll returns for the Ministry.  If a school does not use an SMS it will complete the roll return manually using a spreadsheet.

Collecting Data

Copies of guidance for the roll return collections, collection forms, and definitions of the code sets and classifications used in the roll return are available.

School Management Systems (SMS)

Material specifically on school management systems.

Other Roll Information

Homeschooling information, that is, the number of students that are homeschooled, is also available.

ENROL is a register of student enrolments.  It lets schools update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system.  ENROL is another source of roll information.

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