School Roll Return Guidelines

These guidelines are for helping schools complete their school roll returns.

Latest Update: February 2018


These guidelines are for all New Zealand schools including state schools, state-integrated schools, private schools and partnership schools.

Current Roll Return Guidelines

Roll Return Guidelines Updated: February 2018

School Data Portal Instructions

School Data Portal Instructions Updated: September 2016
Using the School Data Portal to send your Student Data File

Education Circulars

Eligibility to Enrol in New Zealand Schools Circular Dated: June 2012
This circular is about the eligibility to enrol in New Zealand Schools
Auditing of Roll Returns Circular Dated: March 2013
This circular is about the requirements schools need to take into account when preparing accurate roll returns for resourcing purposes and the documentation schools need to keep in order to provide a clear audit trail.
Electronic Attendance Registers Circular Dated: December 2012
This circular sets out the requirements for all schools using, or intending to use, an electronic attendance management system to manage student attendance and create electronic attendance registers.
Roll Returns 1 March and 1 July Circular Dated: December 1998
This circular provides principals and Boards of Trustess with guidance in preparing accurate roll returns and in keeping documentionation which will provide a clear audit trail.
Alternative Attendance Registers Circular Dated: March 2003
This circular applies to those schools that have Ministry of Education approval to use an alternative attendance register it sets out the requirements for schools using computers to manage their attendance records and prepare their roll returns.

Historical Roll Return Guidelines

2017 School Roll Return Guidelines

2016 School Roll Return Guidelines

2015 School Roll Return Guidelines

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2009 School Roll Return Guidelines

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