Resource Teachers Literacy 2019 Data Collection forms

Resource Teachers Literacy (RTLit) are specialist teachers who support and assist staff and students in years 0 to 8 who are experiencing difficulties with literacy learning.

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Resource Teachers: Literacy Data Collection
On this page you will find information about this year's collection forms as well as instructions on how to submit your collection forms this year.


Data on students supported by RTLit are collected annually.  The purpose of this data collection is to identify the nature of the support the RTLit provided to students during the year, and to report on students' outcomes and progress while receiving RTLit support. The annual report does not cover all aspects of RTLit work. It focuses on the outcome of the students who received the intervention.

2019 Data Collection Forms Information

In 2019, RTLit are requested to complete two forms:

  • A Student Summary Spreadsheet: every RTLit is requested to fill this form in and return it using the School Data Portal (NOT email). You can ask your school administrator to use the Portal for you.
  • A Cluster Overview Form: we will email a link to an online form towards the end of the year. Please choose one RTLit per cluster to fill this form in.

Changes to the forms from last year

We are sending out the student summary spreadsheet now, so that you can complete it throughout the year. The majority of questions are the same as last year. We have added a few options to allow you to better answer the questions.

We have made some cosmetic changes to this year’s sheet. As information is entered, the colours of some cells on that row will change to show what additional fields need to be completed before sending the final version back to the Ministry.

  1. Blue fields are required fields and need to be completed for each case in the cluster.
  2. Green fields are those which do not need a value entered. A field with a value will remain green when it contains a correct value.
  3. Red fields have an issue, usually a value is missing, but sometimes an incorrect value has been entered. The most common example are dates with an incorrect format/value:
  1. Dates in US format (MM/DD/YYYY) and not NZ format (DD/MM/YYYY).
  2. Start Dates after End dates – which would result in a negative number of days.
  3. Start dates equal to end dates – which would result in zero days.

Date formats, the dates must NOT be in US format. The format of dates in Google Docs is set by changing the locale of the file. If New Zealand English may not be on the language list, use Australian English as this will put the dates into the required format DD/MM/YYYY.

2019 Forms Are:

  • Student Summary Spreadsheet: One form to be filled in for each RTLit.  One excel form will contain data for all your students.
  • Cluster Overview Form: This form will be online towards the end of 2019. You will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire. Please choose one RTLit per cluster to fill in the form.

Preparing for the 2019 Collection

Before the collection, you will need to:

  • Gather the information you need
  • At the end of the year, you will need to request access to the Schools Data Portal to submit the Student Overview Form, or talk to your school administrator to make sure they can do it for you.

2019 Data Collection Forms

Student Summary Spreadsheet:
  • Student Summary Spreadsheet: Every RTLit needs to fill in this form. You will need to save this spreadsheet on your computer, fill it in, and send it using the Schools Data Portal (see below) at the end of the year. Please remove all students' names before submitting, and do NOT send by email. Detailed instructions on how to complete the Student Summary spreadsheet are also available.
  • If you have trouble using the form, please email
Cluster Overview Form:

You will receive a link to the online survey by email towards the end of 2019. Please choose one RTLit per cluster to fill in the form. If you have not received the email by 1 November, and need to fill  this form, please email

Please Note: This form consists of only one page of questions. Once you have answered all the questions on that page, click Next and then Done to submit.

Submitting 2019 Data Collection Forms

Please Note: all forms should be submitted to the Ministry by:  Friday 13 December 2019.

Schools Data Portal Instructions

Schools Data Portal Instructions: You can either request access to the Portal and send your file yourself, or ask your school administrator to send the file using the Portal for you.

If you have questions or problems please email:

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