School Roll Return Forms (March 2020)

School roll return forms for March 2020 and historical March roll return forms may be downloaded from here.

Collection Forms

Most schools can complete their roll return using their Student Management System (SMS).

If your school does not use an SMS use the template form below. Note that there are no paper-based roll return forms in 2020.

This year there is only one type of template form - the student-level template spreadsheet.

The student-level template spreadsheet allows you to copy student details from ENROL directly into the spreadsheet.  Note there are some student details that you may need to enter manually.  The summary tables will automatically calculate based on the details you enter into the template.

Completed forms must be received by the Data Team no later than 10 March 2020. For more help completing the form please contact roll returns on 04 463 0915 or email

Note for Teen Parent Units: Your host school is responsible for sending teen parent unit data along with their roll return. This should be done through the host school's SMS.

2020 March School Roll Return Form

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