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Instructions on how to create and send electronic Attendance Data files.


Keeping kids in education is vital for their success at school and later in life. The research tells us that the fewer days students are at school, the less chance they have of achieving. Missing school isn't just about missing learning, it's also about all the other opportunities that are missed - every day matters!

In New Zealand schools, there is a vast amount of data on attendance, but it can sometimes be difficult to work out what to do with it once you have it. Every Day Matters is about offering schools the option of working with us to look at how their existing attendance data can be of even greater use when it comes to keeping students in class.

By sending us your data at the end of each term, we will be able to provide you with reports tailored for your school. Examples of the reports we sent to schools in 2017 can be found at the bottom of this page in the '' section.

We hope to eventually build a richer national picture of attendance, and enhance our understanding of the areas in which schools most need support. The more schools we have participating, the better we will be able to do this.

The Every Day Matters initiative is going well with over 400 schools participating in 2019. We hope that all schools will soon join Every Day Matters, so that we can deliver you the full benefits the system's data has to offer.

If you would like to participate in 2019 or would like to learn more about Every Day Matters please email the Every Day Matters Mailbox.

How to Prepare the data

  • Use the instructions for the Student Management System your school uses to create the file.
  • Before you create your file please update any missing attendance codes, in your electronic attendance register (eAR). The Ministry will treat all blanks and "?" where the school has not recorded an attendance code as truant, so update as many as you can.
  • The attendance data file will be for a terms attendance. The dates for each term in 2019 are:
    • Term 1 - 28 Jan to 12 Apr
    • Term 2 - 29 Apr to 05 Jul
    • Term 3 - 22 Jul to 27 Sep
    • Term 4 - 14 Oct to 20 Dec
  • Name the file in this way: [School ID]ATT[Term start date_Term end date] e.g. 1234ATT28Jan19-12Apr19

SMS vendors have provided instructions showing how to create the Attendance Data Files:

Instructions on How to Create Attendance Data FilesFile Type & Size

How to Send the Data

Data should be sent using the secure Ministry School Data Portal, previously known as the Student Data Portal. This is the same portal that many schools use to send in the .moe file.

Instructions on How to Submit Attendance Data Files File Type & Size

Example Attendance Files

Download Example Attendance Files:File Type & Size

Contact Us

For more information or assistance with Every Day Matters please email the:
Every Day Matters Mailbox