Equity Index Assessment

This page provides information on the Equity Index (EQI) assessment collections.

Updated: December 2019


Equity funding is a government initiative to reduce educational disparities between different groups, reduce barriers to participation for groups underrepresented in ECE, and support ECE services to raise their children's level of educational achievement.

Equity Funding is targeted to eligible licensed early childhood services that:

  • provide education and care to children from low socio-economic communities;
  • may have significant numbers of children with special education needs or who are from non-English speaking backgrounds;
  • provide early childhood education in a language and culture other than English; and/or
  • are in isolated areas.

Information about the Equity Index Assessment

What is the Equity Index?

Eligibility for components A and B of Equity Funding is based on the early childhood Equity Index (EQI). The EQI measures how much an ECE service draws its children from low socio-economic communities. A service's EQI is assessed from its children's addresses and information taken from the Population Census. This is reassessed every five years to ensure the EQI is based on the most up-to-date information available.

Isolation Index and Language Attestation components of Equity Funding

Services that are eligible to receive the language component (C) of Equity Funding will have to attest to meeting the requirements. The isolation index (component D) which is based on a services relative isolation and also uses Census data.

When will the next collection for the EQI assessment take place?

EQI assessments will take place in March for new services and in October 2020 for both new services and services wanting an EQI review.

Assessment Guidelines

New Services

New services are automatically included in the EQI assessment in March and October. Services using the Early Learning Information (ELI) system do not need to do anything. Services not using ELI will need to complete a manual application. Here are the key dates:

Addresses and Declarations Forms due to the Ministry: 3 April 2020

The new EQI will be paid on: 1 July 2020 but effective from service open dates.

Addresses and Declaration Forms due to the Ministry: 6 November 2020

The new EQI will be paid on: 1 March 2021 but effective from service open dates.


Services must apply for a review to be included in the EQI assessment in October. Application forms are available to . Applications must be made by completing the EQI Review Form. Only services not using ELI will need to supply addresses. The EQI Electronic Children's Address Form is available to . Here are the key dates:

Review applications due to the Ministry: 6 November 2020

The new EQI will be paid on: 1 March 2021 but effective from 1 October

EQI Forms and Instructions

There are several downloads available on this page.

EQI Forms for existing services wanting an EQI review:File Type & Size
EQI Forms - Address collection for new and review servicesFile Type & Size

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