Decile Review

Each year, schools can apply for a decile review if they believe there has been a significant change in the catchment area or socio-economic circumstances of students since the original assessment was made. 2018 Census data will not be available in time to recalculate deciles for 2020 so the Ministry will continue to carry out decile reviews based on the 2013 Census data.


To apply for a decile review, schools need to supply information which is outlined in the application pack.

The application information, forms and templates for use can be downloaded from below.

Please Note:  The 2019 Decile Review Application Information opens on Monday 22 July 2019, and applications must be received before 5.00pm Monday 23 September 2019.

What happens after a review

The Ministry will inform you of the outcome of your decile review before the end of the school year.

If your application is successful, your new decile rating will take effect at the beginning of the next school year.  A revised entitlement notice will be sent with your January instalment notice.

If your application is not successful, your school will not be disadvantaged because of the review. Deciles cannot increase as the result of a decile review. Your school's decile will simply remain as it is.

Application Pack

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Decile Reviews
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