Subject Codes (Schooling)

A list of subject codes used in the school roll return. The subject codes are available as download files:

Subject Codes (Schooling) Updated: Oct-2019

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Current Subject Codes (Schooling)

Language and Languages / Nga Reo

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
CHIN Chinese NIUE Niuean
COMM Communication Skills NZSL New Zealand Sign Language
COOK Cook Island Māori OLAN Other Languages
ENGL English PLAN Pacific Language Studies
ENSL English as a second Language RUSS Russian
REME  English (Remedial) SAMO Samoan
FREN  French SPAN Spanish
GERM  German MAOR Te Reo Māori
INDO Indonesian RANG Te Reo Rangatira
JAPA Japanese TOKE Tokelauan
KORE Korean TONG Tongan
LATI Latin 

Mathematics / Pangarau

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
MATH Mathematics REMM Mathematics (Remedial)
MATC Mathematics with Calculus ACCO Accounting
MATS Mathematics with Statistics 

Science / Putaiao

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
SCIE Science EAAS Earth Science / Astronomy
AGHO Agriculture / Horticulture HUMB Human Biology
BIOL Biology / Biological Science PHYS Physics
CHEM Chemistry 

Technology / Hangarau

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
TECN Technology FOTE Food Technology
BITE Biotechnology GRAP Graphics
COSC Computer Science / Programming INTE Information and Communication Technology
COMP Computer Studies MTEC Materials Technology
DEST Design, Drawing and Graphics STME Structures and Mechanisms
DTEC Digital Technologies TIMA Test and Information Management
ELTE Electronics and Control CLTX Textiles / Clothing

The Arts / Nga Toi

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
ATRA The Arts ARPA Painting
ARTD Art Design APER Performing Arts
ARTH Art History ARTP Photography
DANC Dance ARPR Print Making
DRAM Drama ARTS Sculpture
MUSC Music / Music Studies ARTC Visual Arts
MUSP Music Practical / Performance 

Social Sciences / Tikanga-a-Iwi

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
SOST Social Studies HIST History
CLST Classics / Classical Studies LACU Language and Cultural Studies
CMTY Community Studies MAOS Māori Studies
ECON Economics MEST Media Studies
SENV Environmental Sustainability SOCS Other Social Sciences
GEOG Geography PSYC Psychology

Health and Physical Education / Hauora

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
HEPH Health and Physical Education OUED Outdoor Education
HEED Health PHED Physical Education
HOME Home Economics SPOR Sports Studies

Other Subjects

Subject CodeSubject Subject CodeSubject
AGBU Agribusiness LIFE Life Skills / Personal Development
BUSS Commerce Related1 REST Religious Education / Studies
DEFE Defence REMS Remedial Studies
EQUE Equestrian STPR Secondary Tertiary Programme
FARM Farming SETR Service Trades4
FISH Fishing SPPR Special Needs Programme
FOTY Forestry STDY Study Skills
INTR Industrial Trades2 TRAN Transition / Pre-employment
INTS Integrated Studies3 THTR Travel, Hospitality, Tourism
LAWS Legal / Law Related Studies   
  1. Commerce related Examples: Business, Sales, Marketing, Finance.
  2. Industrial Trades Examples: Automotive, Electrical, Electronic.
  3. Integrated Studies Examples: Integrated studies at Te Kura.
  4. Service Trades Examples: Hairdressing, Chef.

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