NZSCED Broad Fields of Study

The latest list of main classifications categories under the New Zealand Standard Classification of Education (NZSCED).

Broad Fields of StudyUpdated: Dec-2014

Classification Categories

01 Natural and Physical Sciences

Natural and Physical Sciences is the systematic study or body of knowledge that aims through experiment, observation and deduction to produce reliable explanations of phenomena with reference to the material and physical world. Natural sciences are the earth sciences and the life sciences which study the earth and all living organisms.

02 Information Technology

Information Technology is the study of processing and transmitting information by various technologies including computing, telecommunications and microelectronics.

03 Engineering and Related Technologies

Engineering is the study of the design, composition, manufacture, maintenance and functioning of machines, products, systems and structures. It also includes the measurement and mapping of the earth's surface and its natural and constructed features.

04 Architecture and Building

Architecture and Building is the study of the art, science and techniques involved in designing, constructing, adapting and maintaining public, commercial, industrial and residential structures and landscapes. It involves the study of the planning, art and science of designing and adapting the surrounds of buildings and other external environments.

05 Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies is the study of the theory and practice of growing, gathering, reproducing and caring for plants and animals. It also includes the study of the interaction between people and the environment and the application of scientific knowledge to the environment to protect it from further deterioration.

06 Health

Health is the study of maintaining and restoring the physical and mental well-being of humans and other animals.

07 Education

Education is the study of the learning process and the theories, methods and techniques of imparting knowledge and skills to others.

08 Management and Commerce

Management and Commerce is the study of the theory and practice of planning, directing, organising, motivating and co-ordinating the resources of private and public organisations and institutions. It also includes the merchandising and provision of goods and services and personal development.

09 Society and Culture

Society and Culture is the study of the physical, social and cultural organisation of human society.

10 Creative Arts

Creative arts is the study of creating and performing works of art, music, dance and drama. It includes the study of clothing design and creation and communication through media.

11 Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

Food, Hospitality and Personal Services is the study of preparing, displaying and serving food and beverages, providing hospitality services, and caring for the hair and body for grooming and beautification.

12 Mixed Field Programmes

Mixed Field Programmes are programmes providing multi-field education.

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